27 April 2012

GREAT Mother's Day Gift Idea - Cedar Mountain Art Blocks

Isn't it nice of us to make your Mother's Day shopping super easy? We bet your Mom does not have a Cedar Mountain Studios Art Block on her wall.  

For sure our staff here are Moms and we know that we sure plan to grace our walls with some of these  exquisite artworks.  

These art blocks are born on Saltspring Island here in British Columbia.  They are handmade of mdf, built up with plaster and applied graphics. Wonderful images and sentiments, words of wisdom and symbols of joy!

Each piece is individually crafted, these art blocks intentionally have a vintage appearance and each one is unique.

Drop in and explore our beautiful wall display - we will be sad to see an empty space on the wall when you leave with a few of these (for Mom AND yourself) but it will allow us to bring in more!  We are located at 8306 Main Street, directly next door to Shoe Biz in downtown Osoyoos.  

26 April 2012

Beautiful Greeting Cards for YOUR MOM! (and other occasions)

Mother's Day is coming - SOON!  Indie Lulu Living is here to remind you now because these occasions have a way of sneak up and before you know it... and besides, not only do you want to find that "perfect something" for Mom, but you've got to factor in mailing time.  So we're just sayin'...

(click images to view larger)

First you'll need a pretty greeting card for Mom and we have cards! We have two types of cards, blank all occasion photo greeting cards from a local Osoyoos photographer and then there's our new line of vintage graphic cards by local artist Barbara Derksen.

We are going to focus on the graphic design cards today because we just received Barbara's line of Mother's Day greetings.   We have three different versions which are sure to please Mom - these cards are blank inside, protected by a clear envelope.  We've provided an optional sentiment with double sided tape on the back so you can choose your card to be blank or add the greeting.

You might even consider going the one step further then you're going to desire for your Mom to have this darling memo, photo or card hanger from Lazy Susan so she can display your cards in a place of honour in her home.  

Of course you're wondering about the shelving and vases - the shelving is for display only at this time but these beautiful hand blown seed glass vases are for sale right now and an ideal gift (with a bouquet inside) for your special Mom.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's feature - Cedar Mountain Studio Art Blocks (you can glimpse them behind the iris in the first photo)

24 April 2012

Want to Pamper YOU? (or perhaps Mom with Mother's day coming)

We have new product arriving all of the time and we want YOU to share in our excitement.  Today's feature made me hungry ... how could one resist something called "Body Souffle"?Come in for a take home sample! Use this delight after soaking in a soothing bath of either Paraben-free Bath Salts or Bubble Bath or a refreshing shower with the gel in Rosemary Sage, Wild Angelica or Lemon Geranium ( Bridget's favourite!)

"New from Thymes, Garden Alchemy is where perfumery meets botany in a lush, intoxicating sensory experience. Petals are crushed. Sprigs are minced. Nectars juiced. And oils are extracted and distilled to their most authentic, inspired essence."

Body Soufflé, 6.5-oz - made with shea butter and vitamin E, this is one of the lightest, softest, most luxurious body cremes you'll ever use. Immensely hydrating and nourishing.

Shower Gel, 7.9-oz - a richly lathering and gently cleansing body wash. Enriched with moisturizing glycerin and floral extracts.

You see what we mean?  

What could be nicer after a hard day's work, or working in the garden than to experience some of these delicious scented products.  

And if you can't quite justify this for yourself just yet... why not consider these for your Mom?  

Come on in and let your nose and skin take the tour of Osoyoos's best new shop today? 

23 April 2012

We say "Osoyoos love to Wine" - not Whine!

Our store is nested right downtown Osoyoos BC which means we are at the toe of the beautiful South Okanagan Valley.  Osoyoos is Canada's only official "Pocket Desert" and boast Canada's warmest fresh water lake as well.  These factors make a great backdrop and create ideal conditions for growing grapes which has given birth to a vibrant Wine industry.

Indie Lulu Living wants to draw from this fact - we will be featuring new products which will complement the wine industry.  Just arrived Friday -

This unique set of burlap cocktail napkins.  This set of six come packaged in a buttoned fabric envelope and are the ideal gift for the wine-lover in your life.

We will be building a set of links to our local wineries in the near future and keep in mind... Indie Lulu Living is about in the middle of some great wineries and tourist attractions - a perfect place for you to come cool your heels and check us out!

22 April 2012

What do you get for the person who "Has It All?"

We all have certain people in our lives - the ones who seem to already "Have It All" - and its really difficult to find that special something that is appealing and would make their lives just a little bit brighter.  Well, we're all about that at Indie Lulu Living!  

We delight in hunting out the most perfect items which will make YOU shine as the perfect gift-giver of all.  We've spent hours researching what is the most unique and brought it all together for you - all you have to do is add a pretty card (we've got gorgeous handmade and photo cards) and wrapping (or may we suggest some of the darling cloth gift bags which just arrived) and off you go! 

What is this little gift?  Why what hostess would not get excited about lighting the candles on that birthday cake with some Wonders of the World boxed matches?  A sweet and affordable touch for you to bring to the party!  

Stay tuned - we will be posting almost daily!  We have a whole lot of shop to show off to you.  

21 April 2012

First Post!

What IS Indie Lulu Living?

Named for owner Susan Baldwin's daughters India Beatrice and Lucie Rose,  Indie Lulu Living is a new store located in Osoyoos in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  Osoyoos is a little hotbed of activity for our many tourists and Indie Lulu Living was born out of a need for "just our type" of store.

We have been open since March 3 rd, 2012 and are growing and evolving.

When first time visitors arrive we can audibly hear the intake of breath upon some discovery of a treasure dear to the heart or invoking a cherished memory.  Upon departing we're always sure to hear "Your shop is PERFECT for Osoyoos!"

You may want to hit the "Follow" button for our blog because you're going to get a whole lot of inspiration and ideas from our shop in the coming days.  Because our store is "living" it means there will always be something new (or used in the case of vintage) to discover.